Michael Learned-Pro SLS-Speech Level Singing @ SingLikeThePros.com!
August 4, 2016
J.P.’s Testimonial-Pro SLS Singing-Alexys Paris Sing Like The Pros!
August 4, 2016
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Leilani’s Pro SLS @ Alexys Paris’ SingLikeThePros.com! Singing Lessons

“Leilani is passionate about singing and has been performing before she began classes with Alexys Paris last Summer 2013. Alexys is her first professional vocal coach. His in-depth knowledge of vocal techniques, clear instructions, patience, and encouraging words are helping Leilani know and understand her voice, protect her vocal cords, expand her range, and reach her fullest potential. The recording of each session on a CD is a huge plus! — she uses them to remind her of what they’ve gone over and to practice with where ever she is. Leilani aspires to be on Broadway and TV/Film — Alexys is one of the people helping her get there.”

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