LaTisha’s Testimony-Pro SLS Singing-Alexys Paris’ Sing Like The Pros!
August 4, 2016
Daniel’s Testimonial-SLS-Vocal Coach-Alexys Paris’ Sing Like The Pros!
August 4, 2016
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Elaine’s Testimonial-Pro SLS Singing-Alexys Paris’ Sing Like The Pros!

“I’ve joined Alexys’ class because one of my good friends had also taken his class, and all I can say is “two thumbs up”! Alexys is unique because he has been able to also help me grow in Pop/R&B — which is hard to find because most voice instructors are typically classical or musical focused only — and yet he is so on point in his instruction. In just 2 months he was able to help me unlock a whole toolset I never knew I had!

The group class is also an environment that will nurture the best qualities of everyone’s unique styles. There are live open mic and karaoke opportunities as part of the class which you can invite your friends to join, and at the end of every quarter everyone gets to perform in a showcase with a live band and videography. Anyone who wants to get better at singing or take it to the next level — this is as close to professional as you can get!”

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