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Let’s Stop Polluting The Environment!Record Your Voice Lessons On Thumb Drives!

Every voice lesson a CD-ROM is given out so we can practice and improve, but CD-ROMs pollute the environment. The fastest way to improve is by practicing with a recording of each voice lesson. But we don’t need to continue polluting the environment with CD-ROMs! Alexys Paris Voice Studio & The Voice Studio locations have the ability to record to an SD Card. An SD Card is the type of media used in today’s digital cameras and can be used multiple times. With an SD Card Reader you can USB the voice lesson recording into your computer and then onto an iPod or MP3 Player for practicing. Additionally, the Alexys Paris Voice Studio location has the ability to record directly onto a Thumb Drive! So, at APVS you can bring a Thumb Drive or SD Card. A 1 Hour Voice Lesson takes up no more than 100 megabytes. (Note: You need to bring dedicated media to either location, because the machines will initialize the media on the initial visit. So don’t bring media with any data you need to keep!) Let’s save the environment and stop using CD-ROMs!

Hope This Helps!
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