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The Dynamically Beautiful Voice & Performance System!

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Alexys Paris has created The Dynamically Beautiful Voice and Performance System to progress students from beginner to advanced of confidently singing for an audience & recording. Starting with private lessons anchored in a proven vocal technique, The Institute for Vocal Advancement the student learns about his or her voice. Additionally, in Group Classes, the student deepens their vocal experience and learns about voices in general in observation of others, as each individual works through vocal issues with the instructor. The classes are very nurturing, encouraging & supportive as the students achieve their goals one step at a time. Either a showcase performance (with your family and friends in attendance for support), a recorded MP3, video, or master Pro Tools files is provided end of class. Student growth is achieved through hard work, practice, and patience as confidence and comfort grows while performing for an audience and recording studio. This comes from getting the technique into the body, so singing is effortless, and this effortlessness creates “Dynamic Beauty”. This technique = “Beautiful Singing”. As the technique takes hold and becomes second nature, the student is taught the art and skill of expressing emotion – touching an audience. Digging deep, finding who you are and what your purpose is, as part of the entire process… Singing is a process, so let the process began!

Basic 4 Week Beginner's Workshop

The Group Class System starts with The Basic 4 Week Beginner’s Group Vocal Workshop. This allows the student to get their feet wet and you receive a copy of MP3 of your recorded voice. This is important to begin to learn what you sound like. By then, you’ll know whether you want to move on to immediate level. The location of class is The Alexys Paris Voice Studio, and is very nurturing, informative, and exciting in a fun and supportive environment.

Mix to Immediate Performance Intensive

The Mix to Intermediate Level is an 8 week class where you are working on advancing your voice & performance skills.This class is where the most growth occurs and are often times repeated until desired improvement is achieved. There are 3 lectures in the first 3 weeks. The class participates in karaoke and open mic nights through out the class. A showcase performance is at the end of class, with supportive family and friends in attendance.

Advanced Showcase Performance

Advanced Showcase Performance is 12 week class to showcase your performance skills. We work deligently to prepare the Lead and Backgrounds Vocals. Much work is done in preparation for the performance. Its a team effort! The venue seats 250 and is The Brick & Mortar Music Hall in San Francisco and is equipped with the industry standard Pro Tools “Venue” mixing board where virtually every instrument is recorded separately for mix down in the studio later! The Showcase is promoted to the public at large. This is the class to showcase your talents!

Advanced Recording Studio Workshop

Advanced Studio Recording is the place to really “know” your voice! There is nothing like the recording studio to learn about your voice. Studio recording does not lie! There is an art to recording and all the hard work you put in is recorded for you to listen back and analyze. Magic happens in the studio! You will love the process of making music and with Alexys Paris Voice Studio for pre-production and especially 25th Street Recording in Oakland for either pre or post production, you have access to the best of pre-amplification, microphones, other recording equipment and engineers in the business!